Lenovo releases new ThinkBook 16p/16p NX

Lenovo released two high-performance large-screen notebooks, ThinkBook 16p and ThinkBook 16p NX, with up to R9 + RTX 3060.

According to reports, ThinkBook 16p can choose up to AMD Ryzen 6000 series R9 standard pressure mobile processor, equipped with RTX 3060 graphics card , and supports NVIDIA Studio professional driver. Officially, the ThinkBook 16p power consumption release can reach 105W, with dual fans and four air outlets. ThinkBook 16p NX is also equipped with AMD Ryzen 6000H series standard pressure processors, up to RTX 3050 Ti , and 85W of performance release.

In terms of screen, ThinkBook 16p chooses a 2.5K resolution display with an area of ​​up to 16 inches and a screen ratio of up to 93%, 165Hz refresh rate , 100% sRGB color gamut, and built-in X-Rite Pantone color correction to make the screen color The difference Delta E<1 / The ThinkBook 16p NX is equipped with a 16:10 ratio 2.5K resolution 120Hz high-brush display , with a screen ratio of more than 90% and a 100% sRGB high color gamut.

In terms of interfaces, ThinkBook 16p and ThinkBook 16p NX include USB 4.0 standard Type-C interface , more than 2 USB 3.2 full-size Type-A interfaces, full-size SD card reader and HDMI interface, and the 16p video interface is upgraded to become HDMI2.1 standard.

In other respects, the weight of the ThinkBook 16p is controlled at 1.99kg and as thin as 19.5mm, while the ThinkBook 16p NX has a thin and light body as thin as 1.9kg and as thin as 18.75mm.

The media price of ThinkBook 16p starts at 9499 yuan, and the media price of ThinkBook 16p NX starts at 7399 yuan. The two products will announce their starting prices during 618.

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