Lenovo Savior Y700 gaming tablet fully pushes OTA2

Lenovo ZUI officially announced that the rescuer Y700 gaming tablet officially opened the ZUI 13.1.541 OTA2 comprehensive push.

In this upgrade, the Savior Y700 gaming tablet adopts a new parallel window architecture, adds new features such as smart screen refresh rate, Peace Elite ultra-wide field of view, etc., and fixes the occasional disconnection and lag when multi-finger touch in the game and opening the outside world. The problem of skill offset in setting mode.

Upgrade Aspect

  • Refactoring the parallel window framework to support more ecological applications
  • Added smart screen refresh rate, taking into account smooth display and power consumption
  • Ultra-wide vision supports Peace Elite
  • The dial key supports one-key customization, and it is convenient to control automatic brightness and automatic rotation
  • Added battery protection mode to help extend battery life when plugged in for a long time
  • Super Internet supports automatic connection to my device
  • Time CPU widget visual revamp

System Optimization

  • Update system security patches
  • Fix the occasional disconnection or freeze problem when multi-finger touch in the game
  • Fixed the problem that the direction of the skill direction of the specific scene of the King of Glory is offset when the peripheral mode is turned on
  • Fixed the problem of silent screen recording in the Genshin Impact game
  • Fix the problem that the application center cannot download the application after the new machine is connected to the Internet
  • Fixed the issue that some pages displayed a white screen after opening parallel windows for individual applications
  • Fix the problem that the occasional device cannot automatically calibrate the time
  • Optimize the display logic of the last charging time
  • Optimize the detail experience of the ultra-wide field of view
  • Optimize the global vibration effect
  • Improve system stability and optimize the user experience
The Lenovo Savior Y700 gaming tablet was released on February 28, using Snapdragon 870 chip + LPDDR5 memory + UFS3.1 flash memory, with a starting price of 2199 yuan.

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