LG Electronics sues TCL for infringement of TV-related standard patents

LG Electronics previously filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, accusing TCL of TVs sold in the U.S. infringing its standard patents, including TV user interface (UI), image and sound processing technology, Wi-Fi-related technology, etc.

LG Electronics pointed out in the lawsuit documents that after LG Electronics proposed to TCL to extend the patent license contract in November 2018, it had proposed more than 10 negotiations in more than two years, but TCL refused. LG Electronics originally proposed to renew the patent license contract at the end of 2018, but TCL responded for the first time in February 2020 more than a year later.

According to the first fiscal quarter report, TCL responded that we have learned the relevant information and will respond appropriately to resolve the dispute through normal legal procedures. As a globally competitive intelligent technology company, TCL Electronics has always fully respect the intellectual property rights of others, supports patent licensing on a fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory basis, and also pays attention to protecting its own intellectual property rights. We will be committed to providing leading products and services to consumers around the world.

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