Logitech Unveils MX Master 3S Flagship Mouse and Two MX Mechanical Keyboards

Logitech recently launched MX Mechanical, MX Mechanical Mini two keyboards and MX Master 3S mouse, priced at $169.99 (about 1132.13 yuan), $149.99 (about 998.93 yuan) and 99 US dollars (about 659.34 yuan), will start shipping this month.

The new MX Master 3S mouse is a small update to the existing MX Master 3 mouse with a quieter click and a more responsive sensor . The MX Master 3S looks very similar to the MX Master 3 and is designed for right-handed users, with two scroll wheels (one for left and right, one for up and down), and 3 thumb buttons. The biggest change in the new mouse is the use of an 8000DPI sensor, which is an improvement over the previous generation's 4000DPI , and according to Logitech, the left and right mouse clicks are now quieter and 90% less loud. When the mouse is clicked, there is still a tactile shock, but much softer.

Despite the higher-resolution sensor, the new mouse is still a mouse aimed at the office and productivity work rather than gaming, thanks to its relatively low 125Hz polling rate. By comparison, gaming mice typically poll at 1,000Hz, and in some cases even go as high as 8,000Hz.

In other respects, the MX Master 3S continues to use the MagSpeed ​​electromagnetic scroll wheel (dampened and undamped dual modes, 1000 lines of sliding in 1 second), the bottom button to switch between three connected devices, 70 days of battery life, and USB-C charging (1 minute charge) 3 hours of battery life), support 2.4G / Bluetooth dual-mode connection, etc.

Logitech says the higher DPI sensor of the MX Master 3S will help with increasingly high-resolution displays, such as the 4K and even 8K displays people use on their computers, while the quieter click sound will benefit use in co-working environments mouse.

The Logitech MX Mechanical and MX Mechanical Mini keyboards use Kailh's Choc V2 low-profile switches. Available styles include quiet-touch brown switches, click-click green switches, and red switches, which don't have as long key travel as the Cherry MX. But they have some of the advantages of mechanical switches, including more haptics and greater reliability.

Both keyboards are wireless and have Logitech's signature long battery life. You get 15 days of battery life when the keyboard's backlight is on, and 10 months when it's off. The keyboard is equipped with sensors, the backlight can automatically turn on when the hand is nearby, and the USB-C port is used for charging. Both the new keyboard and mouse remember the three devices they're paired with (which can be connected via Bluetooth or the included USB wireless adapter) and switch between them at the push of a button.

Obviously, neither product is intended as a high-performance gaming peripheral, but rather as an upgraded version of the standard keyboard and mouse that many migrant workers use in the office and at home.

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