Lvlian released DH2600 private cloud

According to the official news of the Green Alliance, today, the Green Alliance officially released the DH2600 private cloud. This series of products is equipped with Intel N5105 processor, supports M.2 solid state + 16GB memory expansion, and is equipped with 2.5G high-speed network port.

According to the news on the Jingdong page, Lvlian's new private cloud DH2600 dual-disk empty disk version is priced at 2,799 yuan, and the first release is 2,099 yuan.

The Celeron N5105 processor will be released in 2021. It uses a 10nm process, 4 cores and 4 threads specifications, the main frequency is 2.0GHz, the turbo frequency can reach 2.9GHz , the TDP is 10W, and it is equipped with a 24EU core display.

The official said that the new private cloud DH2600 of Lvlian is equipped with 4GB of memory as standard, reserved memory slots, supports 16GB expansion, and also supports two M.2 SSD expansion. Lvlian 's new private cloud DH2600 has two built-in mechanical hard disk slots, which can support up to 20TB*2 . The bottom and rear are hollowed out with built-in dual-bearing soft sound fans. The interface includes a 2.5G network port, two USB-A 3.0 ports and one USB-C port.

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