Marvell joins the Euler open source community

OpenEuler announced that Marvell officially signed the CLA (Contributor License Agreement) to join the Euler open source community. After Marvell joins the Euler open source community, it will greatly prosper the diverse computing ecosystem and promote the technological innovation of the Euler open-source operating system in the direction of storage systems and memory chips.

Marvell is one of the global leaders in infrastructure semiconductor solutions, leveraging leading intellectual property and deep system-level knowledge, Marvell infrastructure semiconductor solutions continue to transform the enterprise, cloud, automotive, industrial and consumer markets. Today, breakthrough innovation remains at the heart of Marvell's storage, processing, networking, security, and connectivity solutions.

Marvell is the world's leading semiconductor solution manufacturer and actively participates in the contribution of the international open-source community. It is an active contributor to the Linux Kernel community and the DPDK project. It has rich experience in participating in the construction of open source communities and provides experience for the internationalization of the Euler open source community. guide.

Marvell is deeply involved in the Euler Open Source Community Compatibility SIG and Storage SIG, and promotes the Euler open-source operating system to be compatible with more storage hardware. At present, Marvell's Fibre Channel controllers (QLE269x, QLE274x, QLE277x), NVMe controllers, SATA / SAS controllers, etc. have all been adapted to openEuler 20.03 LTS SP3 and openEuler 22.03 LTS.

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