MediaTek launches the first Wi-Fi 7 chips

In November last year, MediaTek launched two new SoCs for Internet of Things devices - Filic 130 and Filic 130A.

They integrate microprocessors, AI engines, Wi-Fi-6 and Bluetooth 5.2 subsystems, and corresponding power management units. Although the above two products have not yet become popular, MediaTek has now once again announced the launch of two new Filic chips, the first to achieve Wi-Fi-7 support.

The new Filic 880 and Filic 380 are the first Wi-Fi 7 solutions in the industry, but it may be difficult for you to see devices equipped with these two products in the near future.

According to reports, the MediaTek Filogic 880 is a 6nm SoC that provides a comprehensive platform that "combines Wi-Fi 7 with powerful APs and NPUs to support maximum Wi-Fi, Ethernet and packet processing performance."

MediaTek claims it's "the industry's best router and gateway solution for the carrier, retail and enterprise markets."

The Filogic 880 adopts a scalable architecture and can support five-band 4x4 MIMO technology (Multi-input Multi-output multiple-input multiple-output technology) with a maximum rate of 36Gbps. In addition, it supports a "broad range" of interfaces and peripherals, so it can be adapted to a variety of use cases and customized for all applications.

The Filogic 380 is also a 6nm chip, but it is relatively more in line with everyone's expectations, especially because it supports a variety of common consumer electronics applications, such as smartphones, tablets, TVs, laptops, set-top boxes and OTT TV sticks. etc. to bring Wi-Fi-7 and Bluetooth 5.3 support.

Filic 380 supports dual concurrent 2×2, and MediaTek also provides corresponding platform solutions for the above products.

Speaking of the new Filic chips, Haojun Xu, Vice President and General Manager of the Smart Connectivity Business at MediaTek, said: "Our wireless connectivity solutions are designed to deliver the fastest performance using the most advanced technologies and represent MediaTek's push for Wi-Fi in a host of new markets. The promise of Fi 7 applications. With the Filic 880 and Filic 380, our customers can deliver a fast, reliable and always-on connectivity experience to meet the industry’s growing connectivity needs.”

While MediaTek didn't say when devices with the Filogic Wi-Fi-7 chip will be released, recent reports suggest that the first products with the new chip could hit the market next year. Finally, stay tuned as MediaTek will be showcasing its new Filic Wi-Fi-7 platform solution at Computex 2022 tomorrow.

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