Nokia CEO talks about 6G: Smartphones will be phased out in 2030

Recently, at the World Economic Forum 2022, Nokia President and CEO Pekka Lundmark said that with the expansion of the "industrial virtual world", 6G will enter the market around 2030. "Smartphones will be obsolete. By 2030, all electronic device technology will be directly embedded in our bodies."

According to Lundmark, "the physical and digital worlds will grow together". The end result might involve the user entering a VR world, flipping a switch or turning a dial, and changing something in the real physical world.

There is no standard definition for 6G at this stage. It wasn't until late 2018 and early 2019 that telecom networks started rolling out 5G in commercial markets in the US.

Moving to 6G will require a wider range of computing resources, including a network hundreds or even thousands of times faster than 5G, Lundmark said. 

Experts describe 6G not only as faster speeds and response times, but as a major shift in networking, driven by technological developments in quantum mechanics and artificial intelligence.

Part of this shift will include interactive technologies that integrate other human senses, such as smell, taste and touch, into the user experience, Marianna Obrist, professor of multisensory interfaces at UCL, wrote earlier this month.

"There will be a physical world, and then there will be a digital world. There will be a digital twin of almost everything," Lundmark added during the panel discussion.

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