Nokia CEO: With the help of the industrial metaverse, 6G networks will come out around 2030

Nokia President and CEO Pekka Lundmark (Pekka Lundmark) said at the World Economic Forum that with the development of the "industrial metaverse", 6G networks will be available around 2030. came out.

"Right now we're talking about 5G networks, but when quantum computing is commercialized, we'll be talking about 6G," Lundmark said. "By 2030, the smartphone as we know it today will no longer be the most ubiquitous end device. ."

According to Lundmark, “The physical and digital worlds will evolve together, and the end result will be people flip a switch or flip a panel switch in the virtual reality world and the physical world will change.”

Alphabet CFO Ruth Parlot predicted at the same conference that people will soon be able to instantly translate conversations using augmented reality glasses .

Lundmark said the move to 6G will require more powerful computing resources, including a network that is hundreds, if not thousands, times faster than 5G.

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