People's Education Pad can picked up for the price is over 4,000 yuan

Recently, the People's Education Publishing House (hereinafter referred to as the People's Education Press), founded in 1950, has attracted a lot of attention due to the "ugly" illustrations of textbooks.

On May 26th, the Ministry of Education's Teaching Materials Bureau has stepped in to investigate the illustration controversy. On the same day, the People's Education Society stated that it had begun to redraw the cover and some illustrations of the mathematics textbooks of the relevant volumes.

At the same time, a tablet computer product of the People's Education Society was also picked up by the media. According to Sino-Singapore Jingwei reports, the People's Education Society also joined the student tablet computer (Pad) business that various education and hardware giants have entered into in recent years.

According to the official website, the PEP Pad is an intelligent teaching terminal designed by PEP for teachers and students in primary and secondary schools. It is pre-installed with genuine PEP digital textbooks . between yuan. The People's Education Society disclosed in 2016 that the second-generation People's Education Pad has served more than 50 schools in Zhuhai.

The official customer service of the People's Education Society said that at present, the People's Education Pads are not sold to individual consumers. They are all purchased by schools uniformly. The purchase price is based on the price disclosed on the official website.

The official website of the People's Education Society and found that the People's Education Pad has a low-end configuration, a 10.1-inch large screen with a resolution of 1200*1920, and is equipped with the MT8173 quad-core processor launched by MediaTek in 2015. The maximum storage specification is 4+64GB. Android 6.0 system.

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