Samsung and other companies are optimistic about advanced packaging

According to professional reports, advanced packaging is crucial to the global chip ecosystem, and it is increasingly attractive to Samsung, TSMC, and Intel.

Unlike fabs, it requires much less capital expenditure per unit, so it will attract major players including TSMC (TSMC), Samsung Electronics (Samsung), Intel Corporation (Intel) in the next decade substantial investment by the operator.

According to the report, the top five companies in advanced packaging capital spending in 2021 are Intel ($3.5 billion), TSMC ($3.049 billion), ASE ($2 billion), Samsung ($1.5 billion) and Amkor ($7.8 billion) One hundred million U.S. dollars). These five major players have more than 90% of global investment in developing advanced packaging technologies and solutions.

While Intel leads the way in capital expenditures, TSMC surpasses everyone else by integrating its advanced manufacturing process nodes and 3D Fabric family of stacking and packaging technologies.

According to the report, the advanced packaging market has broad prospects in the future, and the market demand for packaging technology at various process nodes will increase in an all-round way.

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