Samsung invests heavily and it is difficult to shake TSMC's leading position in foundry

Samsung has announced that it will spend 450 trillion won (about $356 billion) over the next five years to accelerate growth in semiconductors, biopharmaceuticals and other emerging IT technologies. However, industry insiders believe that it is difficult for Samsung to shake TSMC's leading position in the foundry field .

According to Taiwanese media "Central News Agency", Liu Peizhen, a researcher and director of the Industrial and Economics Database of the Taiwan Institute of Economics, said that Samsung's investment is the largest in history , and it may indeed lead to Samsung's improvement, but it is basically necessary to return to the semiconductor content such as technology and customer competition.

Liu Peizhen said that in terms of manufacturing technology, Samsung is not as good as TSMC; in terms of process yield, TSMC's ultra-high yield completely suppresses Samsung; in terms of competition with customers, Samsung cannot get rid of the problem of competing with customers; in terms of research and development progress, TSMC's 3nm under the It will be mass-produced in half a year, and 2nm and 1.4nm are also being promoted . It is expected that TSMC's leading position in wafer foundry will be stable.

A few days ago, it was reported that TSMC will switch its 3nm process R&D team to a 1.4nm process R&D team in June , while Samsung Electronics announced that it will mass-produce 2nm process chips in 2025 . It can be seen that TSMC has gone a step further and started the development of the 1.4nm process before Samsung Electronics.

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