Sapphire releases RX 6950 XT poison limited edition

Today, Sapphire released the RX 6950 XT Poison limited edition water-cooled graphics card, priced at 9999 yuan, and reservations are now open.

Officials said that Sapphire combined with RX 6950 XT launched a limited edition of poison, with a carefully selected core, a frequency of 2.5G, and a 13+1 phase full digital power supply module.

The Sapphire RX6950 XT 16G Poison Limited Edition adopts a feng shui hybrid and separate cooling solution, an integrated water cooling manufactured by Asetek, and is equipped with three custom 120mm double ball bearing fans. In addition to providing strong wind pressure and controlling noise, it also has ARGB lighting effects. At the same time, the graphics card body is also equipped with a blade-type axial flow fan. Its function is mainly to dissipate heat from basic components with high heat generation such as video memory and power supply modules. The heat can be quickly conducted through two built-in heat pipes.

Sapphire also released the flagship air-cooled RX6950 XT 16G Ultra Platinum Polar Special Edition, priced at 8,999 yuan, equipped with the second-generation flying wing axial fan, six composite heat pipes, video memory & power supply modules, 14 Layer PCB, the official said that it has a temperature performance of up to 74 ℃ to maintain long-term games.

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