TCL Huaxing: The narrow frame technology has reached maturity

TCL CSOT announced that its narrow bezel technology has reached maturity, supported by the strong technical strength of LTPS FHD + narrow bezel (1.0mm), and now has the capacity for mass production of the 6th generation line. 

TCL Huaxing said that the original lower frame circuit routing scheme has been refined and optimized to achieve a four-sided frame of 1mm . Compared with the mainstream high-end brand mobile phones (1.45mm) in the market, the lower frame is reduced by about 23% , and the proportion of display area is significantly increased. , which can bring better sensory effects to users.

TCL CSOT has optimized the new circuit structure design for the narrow frame. By transferring the fanout wiring to the inside of the display area, the fanout wiring space required by the lower frame is structurally avoided, and it can be applied to a variety of mobile phones. Overall appearance. TCL Huaxing makes the screen visual effect better through the design of extremely narrow frame and 2.5D curved CG.

In addition, TCL CSOT's new-generation under-screen camera technology has been gradually applied to the under-screen camera models of first-tier mobile phone manufacturers . There are no visual obstacles such as digging holes and water droplets, so that the perfect full-screen form can be fully reflected in reality.

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