The driver shows that AMD's new RX 7000 graphics card supports DP 2.0 UHBR20 with a bandwidth of 80Gbps

AMD's next-generation RDNA3 architecture graphics card is currently undergoing hardware and software development, and the latest AMD open source driver confirms that the RDNA3 architecture graphics card will support the DisplayPort 2.0 standard .

AMD drivers reportedly have patches for the DisplayPort 2.0 Ultra-High-Bit-Rate (UHBR) Ultra-High-Bit-Rate certification, which defines the UHBR10, UHBR13.5, and UHBR20 standards to differentiate the maximum connection bandwidth. AMD is preparing to enable DisplayPort UHBR20 mode , which alone will provide up to 80 Gbps of bandwidth , 32 Gbps higher than the HDMI 2.1 standard and 48 Gbps higher than DisplayPort 1.4a.

The DisplayPort 2.0 video transmission standard was released in 2019, and the first product was planned to be released at the end of 2020. Affected by the epidemic and other factors, it has not been implemented until now.

This year, Intel announced that its Ruixuan graphics card adopts a new display engine, achieves DP 2.0 Ready, and supports dual 8k60 frame HDR output. AMD also announced at a recent press conference that the new X670 motherboard will be equipped with a DP 2.0 interface, which means that DP 2.0 devices will be launched in large numbers in the second half of the year , and the RX 7000 and RTX 40 series graphics cards are expected to use the DP 2.0 interface. 

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