The old brother who modified the USB-C interface iPhone shot again

Ken Pillonel, a robotics engineering student, had previously converted his iPhone into a USB-C interface, which caused a heated discussion on the Internet. After half a year, this old man came to rectify again and changed the Lightning interface of Apple's AirPods wireless earphones to USB-C.

Pillonel said he plans to release a full video explaining the project in the next few weeks, and the short clip that has been released so far shows that his modified AirPods USB-C port is very flat and can be charged normally. Like the USB-C iPhone, Pillonel plans to open-source the USB-C AirPods project so others can try it out for themselves.

After connecting to the USB-C cable, it can be charged normally, and the indicator light is also on

Pillonel explained his modding experience, where he first created a proof-of-concept regardless of appearance, and then gradually refined the design to fit the original AirPods design. Ultimately, Pillonel designed a custom flexible PCB that contained the necessary charging hardware to be able to cram the entire mod into the AirPods case.

Ken Pillonel, the producer of the video, is currently studying for a master's degree in robotics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) , and his expertise and skills will help this magic reform.

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