The overseas price of Sony's QD-OLED painting series TV A95K has been announced

Sony's QD-OLED painting series TV A95K, which was released globally in January this year, is about to be released. The overseas price has been announced for your reference in advance. The 55-inch version of the Sony A95K TV starts at $3,000 (about 19,920 yuan), while the 65-inch version starts at $4,000 (about 26,560 yuan).

The A95K uses the industry's cutting-edge technology - QD-OLED for the first time. Compared with traditional OLED TVs, the A95K has greatly improved color and brightness. Under the optimization of the XR cognitive chip and multiple screen control technologies, the display advantages of the QD-OLED panel with high brightness, wider color gamut, and wide viewing angle are further released. Sony's highest-standard color control technology, XR Terri MAX, is based on a new algorithm upgraded by the XR cognitive chip in 2022, enabling more accurate color expression; the XR OLED Contrast Enhancement Pro on the A95K can also precisely control the contrast and contrast of the TV brightness.

In terms of audio, the Sony A95K adopts the screen sound field technology, placing the sound field driver under the panel, and using the flexible characteristics of the OLED panel to make the TV as a whole sound, and the sound can be more suitable for the position of the screen sound, achieving "sound and picture integration" immersive experience. With the 3D surround sound field technology provided by the XR cognitive chip, the sound field can also be improved to 5.1.2 channels.

In addition, Sony has also announced the prices of various TVs in the 2022 series. The Sony X95K series with a mini-LED screen starts at $2,800 (about 18,592 yuan) for the 65-inch version and $5,500 for the 85-inch version. The 8K mini-LED TV Z9K series starts at $7,000 (about 46,480 yuan) for 75 inches and $10,000 (about 66,400 yuan) for 85 inches.

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