The world's first pile-beam integrated intelligent bridge building machine "Gonggong" was officially put into us

According to the Chinese website of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, the world's first pile-beam integrated intelligent bridge-making machine "Gonggonghao" developed by China Railway Industry under China Railway has recently been put into use. The reconstruction and expansion project of the western section of the highway, Meilong Bridge, successfully completed 10-span operations, realizing a new bridge construction mode of factory prefabrication, lean management, modular assembly, and intelligent erection, leading bridge construction technology into the 3.0 era.

According to reports, the "Gonggong" is 92 meters long, 13 meters wide, has a deadweight of 575 tons, and an effective span of 48 meters. It uses the Beidou positioning system to drive piling and realizes a complete set of "aerial" operations for drilling holes, piling, beam erection, and assembling bridge piers. It is suitable for shallow lakes, swamp wetlands, environmental protection areas, urban bustling areas, and other areas where traditional construction methods are difficult to implement. Currently, 8 national invention patents have been applied for.

The Meilong Bridge is 5,400 meters long and is located in Haifeng County, Shanwei City, near Guangdong Haifeng Birds Provincial Nature Reserve, and is in the area of ​​river beaches, lakes, and swamps. The Meilong Bridge is built with 3 intelligent bridge-making machines and will carry out 342-span bridge operations.

The Shenshan West Expressway reconstruction and expansion project has a total length of 146 kilometers, and the entire line is reconstructed and expanded in accordance with the two-way 8-lane expressway standard. It is currently the largest investment and longest mileage in Guangdong Province.

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