Weilai is going to develop its own power battery

The environmental information disclosure platform of Shanghai enterprises and institutions shows that NIO plans to build a new R&D project in Anting Town, Jiading District, Shanghai, including 31 R&D laboratories engaged in the research and development of lithium-ion cells and battery packs , and 1 trial production line for lithium-ion cells and 1 battery pack line.

Shanghai Enterprises and Institutions Environmental Information Disclosure Platform

The proposed investment is 218.5 million yuan, and the project is expected to be constructed from August to October this year.

Previously, NIO released the first 150kWh semi-solid battery with an energy density of 360Wh/kg. The first model, ET7, has a range of over 1,000 kilometers under the CLTC standard. The establishment of a lithium battery laboratory and a battery cell trial production line project by NIO in Shanghai this time may prepare for the next generation of batteries with eye-catching parameters, as well as for the subsequent large-scale production of power batteries.

In the current situation of rising power battery raw material prices and shortage of raw materials, car companies will not be controlled by others to develop their own power batteries, thereby greatly enhancing their core competitiveness.

The building area will reach 22,000 square meters and the number of employees will reach 400

According to the EIA report submitted by NIO, it will lease 1-2 floors, 4 and 5 buildings of Building 3, No. 99, Lane 4499, Cao'an Road, Anting Town, Jiading District, Shanghai, with a total construction area of ​​22,090.02 square meters.

Screenshot of NIO’s new R&D project file

According to the document, NIO’s new project has not yet started construction, and the construction period is from August to October 2022.

In addition, the document also shows that the construction content includes 31 R&D laboratories, 1 lithium-ion battery trial production line and 1 battery pack pack line. 

Among them, the R&D laboratory is mainly engaged in lithium-ion battery charge and discharge test, temperature test, sealing test, safety performance test, etc.; lithium-ion cell trial production line and battery pack line are mainly engaged in trial production of lithium-ion cell and battery pack.

According to the content of the documents submitted by NIO, the R&D laboratory aims to explore the charging and discharging performance, temperature performance and safety performance of lithium-ion cells and battery packs under different physical experimental conditions such as temperature, tension and humidity. Etc., to explore the physical and chemical properties, proportions, modification conditions, liquid injection optimization conditions, and battery packaging optimization conditions of battery materials.

It is worth noting that the site of the new NIO automobile project is located in Anting Town, Shanghai, and Anting Town is also the location of NIO Shanghai's first and second test centers . Testing and R&D business of the whole system of new energy and intelligent vehicles, such as vehicle electronic architecture integration, three power systems, power management and charging and swapping facilities, after-sales service, spare parts management and distribution.

The new power battery project is located in Anting Town, which will complement NIO's two experimental centers, and the technology will be implemented quickly.

The self-developed power battery will enhance the competitiveness of NIO

Among the new forces in car-making, NIO has not been stingy with R&D investment. In 2021, NIO's R&D expenditure will exceed 4 billion yuan, almost double that of 2020.

The reason for NIO's entry into the power battery may be that the battery is the core component of electric vehicles. Mastering the self-developed power battery technology can better occupy the technological high ground, and at the same time, the core competitiveness of NIO will also be more advantageous.

As more and more autonomous car companies begin to develop core technologies and launch more new energy vehicles with technical highlights, the new energy market will also further develop and grow.

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