Xiaomi launches Mijia Smart Air Fryer Pro 4L

Xiaomi has now launched a Mijia Smart Air Fryer Pro 4L, which will be launched at 10:00 tomorrow for crowdfunding, and will start crowdfunding on May 25. The crowdfunding price is 399 yuan, the original price is 449 yuan.

This air fryer is equipped with a "cooking window" and an OLED interactive screen, which can view the cooking status in real time.

In addition, it also adopts a double-layer water-based non-stick coating, which supports 40-200°C cooking, 360° hot air circulation, 24-hour smart reservation, smart cloud recipes, supports yogurt, thawing, dried fruit and other cooking, and supports Mijia App, Xiaoai classmates are remotely controlled.

According to reports, this air fryer has a rated power of 1200W, weighs about 5.2kg, and has a size of 251 × 335 × 304mm. The OEM has not been queried.

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