Xiaomi Mijia refrigerator has a side-to-side door 610L Moyuyan released

Xiaomi launched the Mijia refrigerator 610L Moyuyan side- by-side refrigerator at the Redmi Note 11T series conference. It has a massive 610L space and is known as "the largest capacity that can be bought at the same price". The starting price is 2499 Yuan.

The Mijia refrigerator 610L Moyuyan has 20 compartments and adopts a large-capacity door shelf design. The refrigerator shelf supports double-row placement, and can hold two rows of cans for drinks.

In terms of appearance, the Mijia refrigerator door 610L Moyu Rock adopts the original stone texture panel, hot-melt carbon ion process, and 9 layers of finely polished door body material. The delicate touch is not easy to leave fingerprints; the panel has high hardness and scratch resistance; the metal material is compatible with the needs of refrigerator magnet decoration.

Officially, the design of Moyuyan is inspired by olive meteorites, which combines the mysterious changes of stars with the texture of natural rough stones.

The refrigerator is equipped with a silver ion antibacterial and deodorant module, which can effectively absorb odor molecules in the refrigerator, with an antibacterial rate of 99.99% and a deodorization rate of 91%. Using air-cooled frost-free technology, bid farewell to the trouble of manual defrosting. 

In terms of compressors, the Mijia refrigerator 610L Moyuyan is equipped with a high-quality inverter compressor, which enjoys a 10-year warranty and adopts a new level of energy efficiency. It only needs 0.99 kWh of electricity per day, and the operating sound is only 36 decibels. 

The Mijia refrigerator door-to-door 610L Moyuyan supports the remote control of the Mijia App . Users can remotely adjust the temperature and mode of the refrigerator through the mobile phone, and also support the voice control of Xiao Ai.

The Mijia refrigerator 610L Moyuyan has opened for pre-sale, the original price is 2799 yuan, and the starting price is 2499 yuan.

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