Xiaomi MIUI Honor Development Team returns

The Xiaomi community officially announced that the Honor Development Team from the original MIUI Forum period will return.

According to reports, the Honor Development Team is the earliest core user group created by the MIUI Forum. The Honor Development Team is back, hoping to better deal with the concentrated problems of Mi Fans and allow more users to join the big family of "Xiaomi Community".

In the big family of the Xiaomi community honor development team, the centralized feedback and suggestions released by users in the community will be organized into proposals by the fans of the honor development team, which is convenient for the development team to follow up and locate problems. After the centralized feedback receives the results, it will be synchronized in time user.

The honorable development team of the MIUI Forum has 630 core members, and has the right to get the internal beta version synchronized with the development team at the first time , and participate in the testing and problem feedback of the latest version.

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