Xiaotiancai's flagship Z8 phone watch released

Xiaocai's flagship Z8 phone watch was released on May 24 and is its first removable phone watch.

According to reports, the Xiaotiancai flagship Z8 phone watch adopts a split hinge design, the host rotates 180 degrees, and a gentle pull can separate the watch body and unlock a variety of usage scenarios.

In addition, the watch is equipped with an independent GPS chip , which locates every 2~5 seconds. The barometer + self-developed 3DSYSV2.0 positioning engine can effectively solve indoor positioning problems. No matter whether the child is indoors or outdoors, in a shopping mall or subway, or on several floors, it can accurately grasp the child's position in real time. Parents can see whether the child is sitting or standing, running or standing still.

When the child approaches or passes through the epidemic area, the Z8 can also remind the child and notify the parents in time. When the newly added epidemic area overlaps with the child's trajectory, parents will be reminded: when the child passes through which epidemic area, when the child's itinerary is at risk, jump to the trajectory interface at any time to learn the details.

The watch also supports body temperature screening, video call view rear camera, heart rate detection, photo query, etc.

In terms of hardware, the watch is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon wear 4100 processor , equipped with a 760mAh battery, supports 4G full Netcom, and has 1GB + 32GB storage. The official price has not yet been announced, nor has the launch time been stated. The price of the previous generation was 1998 yuan.

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