Zhengzhou Foxconn recruits workers ahead of schedule Apple's new iPhone 14 production

In order to meet the manpower demand for the production of new iPhone 14 machines in the second half of the year, Apple asked Hon Hai to launch its Foxconn Zhengzhou factory two months in advance to avoid local closures and supply. The chain is not smooth, and the new machine is sprinted to ship.

People close to Foxconn believe that based on Apple's current production capacity concerns, this year's iPhone 14 series will be stocked at least two months ahead of schedule . to deal with sudden supply chain risks.

On May 22, Foxconn's iDPBG Zhengzhou Plant, the largest iPhone assembly base under Hon Hai, started interviewing ordinary workers , and the rebate (job seeker bonus) was RMB 5,500.

According to the report, the source pointed out that although Apple actively promotes the overseas layout of its foundry partners, including India, Vietnam and other places, the operation and production situation in non-mainland China still need to be adjusted. For example, India can only be responsible for assembling low-end iPhones. 

The local epidemic situation and the inefficiency of local workers make it impossible to undertake the production tasks of high-end iPhones such as the iPhone 13 series. Therefore, the assembly of high-end iPhones is still dominated by mainland China .

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