ZTE Axon 40 Pro real smartphone exposure

The ZTE Axon 40 series new product launch conference will be held on May 9, and it is expected that there will be three models of Axon 40 / Pro / Ultra. Among them, the Axon 40 Pro is equipped with a 100-megapixel high-definition main camera.

Today, Weibo blogger @xuanyizi released a real picture of what it claims to be the Axon 40 Pro, which uses a centered hole-digging screen instead of an Ultra-like under-screen camera.

From the back, the phone is equipped with three rear cameras, which are placed in two large rings. The large camera above is expected to be a 100-megapixel high-definition main camera.

The appearance of the ZTE Axon 40 Ultra has also been exposed. It has two color schemes, a true full screen with a 120Hz high refresh rate, and three vertical rear cameras, that is, three 64-megapixel lenses. The screen border looks very narrow.

The digital blogger @panda verybald released a real picture of the so-called Axon 40 under-screen version. From the picture, you can see the screen effect of the machine, and the under-screen forward shot cannot be seen at all from an oblique angle.

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