The Ningde EVOGO battery swap service was officially launched in Hefei

Ningde Times announced that the EVOGO power exchange service was officially launched in Hefei, Anhui, and Hefei City became the second "small green ring" city in the country.

There are three quick-change stations in the first batch of power exchange services. CATL expects that by the end of this year, EVOGO will complete the operation of 20 quick-change stations in Hefei, and achieve a service radius of 5 kilometers in the urban area of ​​Hefei.

In January this year, CATL announced its entry into the power exchange industry, and released the power exchange service brand EVOGO and a combined power exchange overall solution. It plans to launch the first power exchange service in 10 cities . The overall solution of combined power exchange of CATL is composed of three products: "power exchange block, quick exchange station, and App".

According to Ningde Times, each standard station requires three parking spaces. It takes about 1 minute to replace a single battery block, and 48 battery replacement blocks can be stored in the station . In addition, the quick-change station ensures that users always have a fully charged power block to replace without having to wait for a long time. At the same time, the quick-change station can also provide versions adapted to the climatic and environmental conditions of different regions.

In April this year, the Ningde EVOGO battery swap service was officially launched in Xiamen, which is also the first city where the service was launched . Ningde Times said at that time that it is expected that by the end of this year, the construction of 30 quick-change stations will be completed in Xiamen. At that time, there will be 1 express exchange station within every 3 kilometers of service radius on Xiamen Island.

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