Xiaomi's pop-up camera module patent authorized

On June 3, the patent for "pop-up camera module and terminal" applied for by Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Software Co., Ltd. was authorized.

The patent abstract shows that the present disclosure provides a pop-up camera module and a terminal, and relates to the technical field of terminals. The pop-up camera module includes: a module housing, a camera housing, n coils, a first magnet and a second magnet, where n is an integer greater than 1; the module housing is formed with a pop-up hole for the camera housing , the interior above the camera housing is provided with a camera; n coils are arranged in parallel and axially surround the outer wall below the camera housing; the first magnet and the second magnet are arranged in the module housing, and the n coils are located in the first between the magnet and the second magnet.

The patent specification states that, compared with the related art, the pop-up camera module provided by the embodiment of the present disclosure realizes pop-up and retraction by using mechanical devices such as a motor, a gear set, and a lead screw, which not only reduces the structure of the pop-up camera module. complexity and save space.

iaomi had previously launched a number of mobile phones with pop-up cameras, such as Redmi K20 Pro, Redmi K30 Pro, etc., but it did not continue in subsequent models, and instead adopted a punch-hole screen design.

At present, mobile phones equipped with pop-up cameras are not ideal in terms of weight, and the complex mechanical structure and large space are also problems to be solved. Xiaomi's patent claims that it "not only reduces the complexity of the pop-up camera module structure, but also saves space", which is expected to bring new vitality to the pop-up camera phone.

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