Nikon's official website responded to "Stop R & D SLR Rumors

Nikon Japan's official website responded to the Japanese media report today that "Nikon stopped developing SLR cameras": "There are media reports today that Nikon has withdrawn from SLR development. This media article is only speculation, Nikon No statement has been made on this. Nikon will continue to manufacture, sell and support DSLRs. Nikon appreciates your continued support."

Nikon reported today that Nikon will stop developing new SLR cameras and will focus on developing mirrorless cameras in the future. However, Nikon will continue to manufacture and sell existing SLR camera models. Smartphones are forcing Japanese manufacturers to abandon once-coveted SLR models.

Japanese camera maker Nikon will exit the single-lens reflex camera business and turn to digital products as competition for smartphone cameras intensifies, sources said. Nikon now plans to focus its resources on mirrorless cameras, which have become mainstream thanks to more advanced digital technology.

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