Apple iOS / iPadOS 16 developer preview version Beta 5 released

Apple today pushed the iOS / iPadOS 16 developer preview Beta 5 update (build number: 20A5339d) to iPhone and iPad users. This update is 12 days after the last release.

According to the clues, this version has added a battery percentage option, and users can easily view the current remaining power in the battery icon in the upper right corner.

According to an announcement on Apple's developer website, the update includes several fixes and deprecations.


  • The camera on the iPad only supports FaceTime when using an external monitor.
  • iCloud: After purchasing a new iCloud custom domain name, the issue may not appear in the domain name list.
  • SwiftUI: View-based NavigationLink in a list fails to update the list's visible selection.
  • Selection-driven, three-column  NavigationSplitView sometimes fails to push when collapsed to a single column.
  • Wallpaper: Must be authenticated to toggle lock screen on all devices.


  • To improve security, CGImageCreate enforces parameter correctness on macOS 13 Ventura, iOS 16, iPadOS 16, watchOS 9, and tvOS 16. Passing an incorrect CGImageByteOrderInfo is no longer supported, which will cause the image to fail to load.
  • MTLResource.gpuHandle is deprecated, need to use gpuResourceID instead.
  • Network: FTP is deprecated for URLSession and related APIs. Please use a modern secure network protocol, such as HTTPS.
  • StoreKit: Deprecated SKDownload API and removed the option to upload non-consumable in-app purchase assets for Apple escrow. Additionally, as of April 2022, managing these assets in App Store Connect will no longer be supported.

Known issues:

  • Accessibility: If Assistive Touch is enabled, the pointer will behave incorrectly on external displays.
  • DeviceDiscoveryUI: Devices running Beta 4 or later are not backward compatible with devices running earlier beta versions.
  • Emoji: The search field for the emoji lock screen editor is missing.
  • Home: Launching paired devices require the same iCloud account as the hub. Only homeowners (not invited users) can pair Matter accessories.
  • iCloud: After purchasing a new domain and creating a custom email address, the user may be asked to purchase the domain again.
  • Mail: Moving a Remind Me message to another mailbox will not remove the Remind Me banner.

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