Apple iPhone Annual Refresh Program eligibility changed to "Months 3-13"

 According to feedback from netizens, Apple's iPhone annual renewal plan qualification has been updated from "months 10-13" to "months 3-13". According to Apple, participating in the program can use new iPhones every year.

With the iPhone Renewal Plan, you can easily upgrade to a new iPhone every year and be covered by the AppleCare+ service plan. Simply trade in your iPhone during the trade-in eligibility period and get 50% of the original retail price of this device as a trade-in for a new iPhone. At the end of the 13th month from the 3rd month of the plan's effective date.

Previously, Apple's official website showed that users who want to join the iPhone's annual renewal plan only need to buy a designated new iPhone and add the AppleCare+ service plan in the same transaction, and they can join it if they meet the corresponding conditions. The program is available at Apple Store online stores and Apple Store retail stores in mainland China.

It should be noted that users who join the program at the Apple Store online store (including users who order online and pick up at the store) can only upgrade through the Apple Store online store; users who join the program at the Apple Store retail store can only Go to an Apple Store for an upgrade.

In addition, if the Apple Store retail store where users make an appointment to upgrade and purchase is temporarily closed, Apple will keep the appointment for them.

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