Huawei launched the 828 B2B Enterprise Festival

By the end of 2021, small and medium-sized enterprises accounted for more than 99% of the national enterprises, and contributed 80% of employment opportunities. In order to help small and medium-sized enterprises innovate and develop, Huawei today joined 30,000 ecological partners to jointly launch the country's first 828 B2B enterprise festival based on digital empowerment.

Lu Yong, Senior Vice President of Huawei and President of China Region Department, said at the launching ceremony that there are two key points for making small and medium-sized enterprises keep up with the pace of digital transformation and truly solve their problems: First, let them There are better business opportunities, and the second is to help them reduce costs and increase efficiency. 

According to reports, as an important support for expanding employment, improving people's livelihood and stabilizing the economy, digital transformation has become a "compulsory course" for small and medium-sized enterprises in the process of moving towards high-quality development . However, most of the small and medium-sized enterprises are faced with the dilemma of "dare not to transfer, will not transfer", and are trapped in a series of problems such as funds, technology and talents.

In response to the above problems, this event will be based on the six major values ​​that enterprises focus on, including business opportunity promotion, superior product discounts, technological innovation, brand enhancement, experience sharing, and talent development . Four major scenarios, including Chinese enterprises going overseas, launched actions.

Huawei and its partners will provide preferential subsidies for products, as well as ecological development funds and more than 300 preferential policies . Among them, special support packages are provided for specialization, specialization, rescue of small and medium-sized enterprises, enterprise start-ups, and key scenarios of Chinese enterprises going overseas, including specific product and service packages, digital transformation consulting, experience sharing, talent empowerment, up to one million levels subsidy for cloud migration, etc.

In addition, the co-sponsors of the 828 B2B Enterprise Festival are Chinasoft International, iSoftStone, Vishijiajie, Digital China, Tuowei Information, Saiyi Information, Kingdee, and UFIDA, and the co-organizers are Mingyuan Cloud, Oudian Cloud, Heihu Technology, Yifang Information, Teamsun, Beiming Software, Anchang Network, etc.

At the launching ceremony, the above-mentioned companies also stated that they would launch more preferential products and policies during the festival, and launched a series of specific measures to empower small and medium-sized enterprises from business opportunities, technology, capital, brand, management, talents and other aspects business, driving its digital development.

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