Lee Jae-yong will take office as the chairman of Samsung Electronics on November 1

The South Korean government announced the list of amnesty for "Liberation Day". Among them, Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Li Zaiyong, the head of Samsung, was granted amnesty and reinstatement, which means that Li Zaiyong was granted amnesty. Rong has the right to succeed his late father as the head of Samsung. 

A person familiar with the matter said that Lee Jae-yong will take office as chairman on November 1, the anniversary of Samsung's founding. Promoted again in years. According to the report, Lee Jae-yong has actually been the president of Samsung Electronics since the collapse of former Samsung chairman Lee Gun-hee due to illness in 2014 but was unable to serve as chairman due to judicial risks.

After receiving the amnesty, Lee Jae-yong officially returned to Samsung and began his promotion. It is reported that Lee Jae-yong will announce his management vision when he takes office on November 1, including future development strategies in the semiconductor field and large-scale investment plans for the biological business. It is worth mentioning that Lee Jae-yong does not require the approval process of the general meeting of shareholders to take office as chairman.

It is understood that the chairman of a Korean company generally refers to the top leader and decision-maker of an organization.

Lee Jae-yong attended the groundbreaking ceremony of Samsung's semiconductor research and development (R&D) center held in Jixing Park, Yongin City, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea on August 19. The first public schedule after returning to the front line of business.

On August 16, Lee Jae-yong met with Bill Gates, who was visiting South Korea. The two sides shared the results of the project and exchanged views on global social giving back activities.

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