Oriental Selection has reached a partnership with SF Express and JD Logistics

Oriental Selection announced that it has reached a partnership with SF Express and JD Logistics, and plans to establish 20 self-operated product warehouses in 5 cities including Beijing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Zhengzhou, and Chengdu to provide self-operated products face-to-face. National logistics service guarantee.

After the cooperation of SF Logistics, Dongfang selected self-operated products for delivery from normal temperature warehouses, which basically covered the whole country. The logistics of frozen products is centered on each warehouse and cover the surrounding area. Taking the Beijing freezer as an example, it can cover the northeast and north China regions. After cooperating with JD Logistics, the same-city orders for Dongfang's selected self-operated products can be delivered on the same day or the next day, and cross-provincial orders are promised to be delivered within 72 hours.

Sun Dongxu, head of Oriental Selection, said: " (Oriental Selection) self-operated products are being deployed nationwide ." Previously, Sun Dongxu told Sina Technology that he hoped to have 100 self-operated product categories by the end of 2022.

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