Samsung requires users to smash SSD hard drives before returning them

According to a report from Igor's Lab, Samsung Germany suggested that users destroy the 980 Pro SSD hard drive in the name of data security when communicating with a consumer after sales.

A user on the Igor's Lab forum claimed that his Samsung 980 Pro 2TB hard drive was freezing and that a Samsung Magician diagnostic scan showed multiple red errors on the NAND flash, so he requested a return.

Samsung Germany's customer service stated in the after-sales service that it grants the user full rights to destroy the hard drive before sending the hard drive to Samsung to complete the RMA (Return Material Review) process. Samsung customer service even detailed how to destroy the hard drive, recommending that users use a power drill or hammer to destroy the hard drive. 

Samsung also said that users need to take pictures or video when destroying the hard drive to ensure that no other changes are made on the way to the Samsung factory, thus protecting user data.

So, this not cheap Samsung 980 Pro 2TB hard drive was "killed" just like that.

Because simply deleting the hard disk files cannot completely clear the data, users need to repeatedly write a large number of files to the hard disk, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Samsung’s doing this is equivalent to giving users a more direct option.

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