23.26% of Apple iPhone users have upgraded to iOS 16

According to the latest data from analysis firm Mixpanel, iPhone users are adopting iOS 16 faster than they adopted iOS 15 last year. Nine days after its release, statistics show that 23.26% of iPhones have iOS 16 installed.

10 days after the official release of iOS 15, the install rate was only  19.3%, when iPhone users seemed more reluctant to upgrade due to some early bugs. The official version of iOS 16 introduces more visual changes and is more attractive.

Currently, Apple allows iPhone users to continue using iOS 15.7 through security updates, rather than a mandatory upgrade to iOS 16. Apple did the same branching route when it released iOS 15 last year, allowing people to continue using iOS 14 for about four months after the update was released. The upcoming iOS 16.1 official update will add some notable features, such as real-time activity on the lock screen and changes to the battery percentage in the status bar.

With iOS 16 adoptions growing, 66.96% of iPhones are still running iOS 15, while 9.77% are running older versions of iOS. Mixpanel's data comes from visits to websites and apps that use Mixpanel's analytics SDK.

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