Apple iOS 16.1 / watchOS 9.1/ iPadOS 16.1Developer Preview Beta Released

Apple today pushed the iOS 16.1 Developer Preview Beta update (build number: 20B5045d) to iPhone users. This update is 16 days after the last release. 

Apple today pushed the watchOS 9.1 developer preview beta update (build number: 20S5044e) to Apple Watch users. This update is 22 days after the last release.

In addition to the first beta version of the iOS 16.1 developer preview, Apple today also released the upcoming Beta 2 beta version of iPad OS 16.1 to developers, about three weeks from the release of Beta 1.

Apple had previously delayed the release of the official version of iPadOS 16 in order to continue to resolve bugs and other issues with the pre-stage scheduling feature that will be launched on the upcoming M1 iPad model. With the first beta of iPadOS 16.1, Apple has begun to make improvements to how the front-of-stage scheduling feature works, changing the way you interact with the sidebar while in full screen. The new iPadOS 16.1 Beta2, released today, includes some optimizations to pre-stage scheduling:

  • The button to add more windows has been implemented, which can be opened with the "curtain" animation and display the app switching interface.
  • Viewing all open windows of the same application is easier than ever. You can click the app's dock icon or use Globe-Down directly. This "area" always contains a + button to create a new window.
  • Windows can now be dragged from the iPad to an external monitor using Frontend Scheduling.

Despite these new features, there are still a lot of bugs in "front-end scheduling", which I hope can be fixed when the official version arrives in October.

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