Apple iPhone 14 Pro all-weather display function test

Media comments on Apple’s iPhone 14 series have been lifted, and some media have provided more information about the all-weather display function of the iPhone 14 Pro series. In addition to the lock screen, the 24/7 display also works with Apple Maps, Phone, and Voice Memos, according to blogger Brian Tong. In the Maps app, the map is hidden and only the directions, time of arrival, and remaining distance are shown. In the Phone and Voice Memos apps, various parts of the interface are dimmed.

The 24/7 Display also supports the Virtual Apple TV Remote Control feature in Control Center, allowing use without unlocking the iPhone. This remote works with all Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD models, third-generation Apple TVs, and AirPlay 2-enabled smart TVs.

Some early reviews of the iPhone 14 Pro pointed out that the all-weather display has an impact on battery life, but given that in the all-weather display mode, the display will drop to a low-power state at a refresh rate of 1 Hz, the impact It will not be very large (according to the test of blogger Zhong Wenze, the power consumption is about 1% per hour), this function can also be turned off under "Display and Brightness" in "Settings".

The new iPhone 14 series will be officially launched tomorrow, with new features including a smart island, an upgraded rear camera system, and more.

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