Apple iPhone 14 Pro screenshots show Smart Island animated pills

Apple’s iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max have started pre-sale and will go on sale on September 16 (this Friday). Before then, the first pre-orders had started shipping to early shoppers.

Apple's iPhone 14 series has arrived in dealer warehouses around the world. The iPhone 14 Pro series comes in a white box with themed wallpapers of the upper and lower rings, including the obvious "Smart Island" digging design. In addition, Apple strictly prohibits retail channels from starting the activation before 8:00 a.m. on September 16. If the dealer activates the iPhone 14 Pro/Max in advance, it will be fined 200,000/unit.

However, today's numerous posts and videos show that Apple's iPhone 14 Pro was activated in advance by individual users. It exposed some new features and changes of the iPhone 14 Pro that we did not know about before.

According to the pictures posted by the Weibo blogger @關係Digital, when the iPhone 14 Pro shows the animation of the Smart Island, the screenshot operation will cut the "pills". However, when there is no animation on the smart island, it is not clear whether the screenshot is blank processing or the original length of the "pill". Previously, when the iPhone Liu Haiping took a screenshot, the notch area would be filled by default, and the "notch of bangs" would not be displayed, but only a blank background.

When showing the iPhone 14 Pro's Smart Island design, Apple said, "Smart Island brings users a whole new way to interact with the iPhone, blurring the boundaries between hardware and software, showing important reminders, notifications, and activities that change in real-time. With the introduction of the island, the TrueDepth camera has been redesigned to reduce the display space it takes up.”

Apple also said, "Under the premise of not affecting the display of the screen, the smart island remains active, allowing users to use controls with just a long press. Activities that keep running in the background, such as maps, music apps, or timers, are always visible and available. Interactive. In addition, Smart Island is also available in iOS 16 for third-party apps that provide information (such as game scores and carpool information) through "live activity". Smart Island blurs the boundaries between hardware and software, and can be flexibly expanded into various shapes, To clearly present important operations such as Face ID verification.”

WeChat, QQ, Weibo, etc. still need to be further improved in terms of adapting application notifications to "Smart Island". These are expected to be improved after the launch of the iPhone 14 Pro/Max.

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