Apple Watch Ultra violent test: the watch is not broken

A YouTuber violently tested Apple’s newly released Apple Watch Ultra, by dropping it, putting it into a can of nails, and repeatedly hitting it with a hammer to test the reliability of the sapphire screen. TechRax first tested the drop of the Apple Watch Ultra, dropping it from a height of about 1.2 meters. Aside from a few small dents on the titanium case, the Apple Watch Ultra has virtually no wear and tear.

Next, TechRax mixed the Apple Watch Ultra into a can of nails and then shook it vigorously without leaving any obvious marks, but he complained that the strap was dirty, which is not resistant to dirt, especially in outdoor sports scenes.

Finally, TechRax placed the Apple Watch Ultra on a table and hit it repeatedly with a hammer. As a result, after a few knocks, the table first broke, and after a few more knocks, the Apple Watch Ultra's display turned off and stopped working. But even so, the screen was still intact, and it wasn't until a few more taps that it shattered.

TechRax finally knocked on the back of the watch a few times, and it didn't appear to be as strong as the front, and it quickly broke.

Apple claims that the Apple Watch Ultra is its most rugged and durable Apple Watch to date, with a sturdy design, a 49mm titanium case and a flat sapphire crystal, a larger display, a designed New strap in outdoor design, water resistance up to 100 meters, customizable bright orange action buttons, up to 60 hours of battery life and upcoming low power mode, dual-frequency GPS support, and more for $799 (US) line 6299 yuan).

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