Apple's official version of iOS 16 is pushed

According to data shared by analysis company Mixpanel, two days after the official version of iOS 16 was released, about 11.6% of iPhones installed the version. 

 When Apple released the official version of iOS 15 last year, only 8.5% of iPhone devices were installed within two days, which means people are installing iOS 16 faster this year. iOS 16 could be an even more attractive update that brings customizable lock screen and widget options, bringing a visual change to the iPhone.

However, there are some iOS 16 features that have been delayed, such as iCloud shared photo library, Matter support, and the Freeform app, so installs will increase further when these features go live. When new emojis are added to the iOS system, it is common to see a small jump in scaling as well.

At present, Apple also provides users with the option to continue using iOS 15.7, which also prevents some users from installing the idea of ​​​​installing the iOS 16 update. In iOS 15, Apple also allowed people to stay on iOS 14 for a while but pulled that support four months after iOS 15 was released.

According to Mixpanel, 78.41% of users are still running iOS 15, and nearly 10% are using an older version of iOS. The new iOS 16 update is available for iPhone 8 and later, and Apple no longer supports iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 models.

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