Avery launched A&ultima SP3000 flagship player

According to Avery and China's general representative of Defan Technology, Avery and A&ultima SP3000 flagship players have been released. This player is priced at $3,699 overseas (about 25,671.06 yuan), and the price of the National Bank has not yet been announced.

According to the official introduction, this player uses 904L stainless steel as the body shell material, which is also the first use of 904L stainless steel in the field of portable audio players. 904L stainless steel has higher hardness, excellent durability, and corrosion resistance. After grinding and polishing, its integrated metal mirror frame is simple, bright, and shiny, and it is matched with a prism ceramic back plate.

In terms of configuration, SP3000 is the world's first AKM modular DAC that uses 2 AK4191EQ and 4 AK4499EX and applies an advanced HEXA audio circuit structure to reduce the digital signal noise input through AK4191EQ (a separate digital delta-sigma modulator), while The AK4499EX DAC processes the analog signal separately. Officially, by applying this unique design, the SP3000 achieves physical separation of digital and analog signal processing for the first time and maximizes the SNR (signal-to-noise ratio) to create the purest natural sound level.

The SP3000 is equipped with a Snapdragon 6125 (665) octa-core processor, has 8GB DDR4 memory, and has a built-in fourth-generation UI system.

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