Baidu releases a new generation of Xiaodu delivery robot

Yesterday Baidu released a new generation of Xiaodu distribution robot. This product is built by Baidu Brain and Xiaodu Technology. Realize personalized, multi-modal interactive experience, and can cooperate with a variety of smart products to provide more valuable smart hotel solutions.

Distribution service is the core function of Xiaodu Robot. Officially, Xiaodu Distribution Robot integrates a number of Baidu AI technologies such as the Flying Paddle Wenxin large model, optimizes the experience for the whole process of distribution, and truly realizes the whole process of contactless distribution. The waiter holding the goods can open the cabin without hands, and after placing the goods, Xiaodu can automatically close the door to start the delivery. When encountering a guest during the delivery, Xiaodu will send greetings intimately; after arriving in the designated room, he can also pick up the goods through the Xiaodu speaker or phone in the guest's room, and say goodbye to the guest politely.

In addition, the Xiaodu delivery robot can also provide a cruise service for guests in the hotel lounge area to deliver coffee breaks, or guide the guests to the guest room instead of the waiter.

In terms of motion capability, Xiaodu Robot is equipped with Baidu's latest self-developed motion platform, which can achieve precise positioning and flexible navigation through the dual fusion of laser and vision positioning and navigation algorithms; the combination of various sensors can accurately identify obstacles; the latest suspension shock absorption The plan makes it more stable to cross ridges and slopes, and to transport goods without worry.

Based on the human-machine active interaction system based on the large model of Fei Pao Wenxin, the Xiaodu delivery robot has active multi-modal interaction capabilities. For example, during the Goddess Festival, Xiaodu will take the initiative to say to the female guests she encounters: "The Goddess Festival" Happy!", Xiaodu also praised people very well, so that guests will have a good mood and leave a good impression as soon as they enter the hotel.

The Xiaodu delivery robot also has powerful dialogue capabilities, behind which is the world's first generative open-domain dialogue model based on latent space, Wenxin PLATO. Officially, it can be playful and cute, or sophisticated and profound; it can talk about parental shortness and poetry. Coupled with Baidu's strong accumulation of knowledge graphs, the Xiaodu distribution robot can also be transformed into a know-it-all to meet the needs of residents for all-around inquiries about clothing, food, housing, transportation, and entertainment.

From the appearance, the Xiaodu distribution robot adopts a moderately anthropomorphic design, and the overall lines are soft and smooth; the dark gray decorative details and the white lights on the waist can present a sense of rhythm accompanied by light breathing; with 41 types of expressions specially designed for robots, looks playful and cute. At the same time, the Xiaodu distribution robot also has a stable connotation. The dual-cabin design brings a 50L large storage space, and the rotating automatic hatch is more stable and reliable.

Officials say Xiaodu delivery robots can also be a good helper for hotel operations. Hotels can attract the attention of more potential users on social platforms through IP-based operations, and can also place event posters on the embedded 21.5-inch advertising screen to attract attention.

Officials said that from the official entry of Xiaodu Hotel Edition products in Huazhu Group in 2019 to August this year, the number of hotel rooms equipped with Xiaodu intelligent voice assistant has exceeded 450,000, and more than 30,000 new rooms are added every month. Covering over 20,000 hotels, covering more than 400 cities across the country, and accumulatively serving over 160 million users. This series of figures also makes Xiaodu Hotel the first in the smart hotel industry in terms of cooperation scale.

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