Bill Gates on chip implant conspiracy theory

In a recent interview with the British "Guardian", Microsoft founder Bill Gates talked about his long-standing conspiracy theory, because of his strong support for wearing masks and vaccinating against the new crown, he was once arrested. Questioning "implanting a chip into a new crown vaccine". He was amazed by such rumors and attempts by conspiracy theorists to get close to him, joking, " I'm more vulnerable than Dr. Fauci because I'm more famous ."

"A couple of times, I've run into people in public and they're yelling at me that I'm microchipping people, and I think it's weird. Wow, these people really exist, and it's not just robot madness. information".

The billionaire also joked that Anthony Fauci, the US president's chief medical adviser, "missed" most of the attacks because the world "doesn't know who he is." Most of the targeting during the U.S. coronavirus pandemic has focused on these two men.

Bill Gates says he doesn't want to make fun of conspiracy theories surrounding vaccines too much because it's a "pretty serious thing."

He believes conspiracy theories about his chipping in a coronavirus vaccine are "starting to die down", but "it would be sad if the rumors make people more reluctant to believe in vaccines or wear masks where they should be."

Conspiracy theories previously suggested that the Covid-19 vaccine implanted a microchip connected to a 5G mobile network that could be used to track people. There have also been people who claim that Fauci is a member of Microsoft's board of directors and Gates is his boss, and Gates' goal is to use the new crown to eliminate the United States.

In June, when Microsoft shut down its Internet Explorer browser, Bill Gates joked on Twitter that the service had to be shut down because Microsoft was "running out" of the microchips it put into its coronavirus vaccine.

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