BOE: Mass production of glass-based Mini LED products has been achieved

BOE Technology Salon that BOE launched P0.9 glass-based Mini LED direct display, 75-inch and 86-inch 8K Mini LED, 34-inch MLED field Diversified high-end technology products such as glass-based Mini LED gaming displays, and took the lead in realizing mass production and commercial use of glass-based Mini LED products.

In the field of visual arts, BOE participated in the development of 4 technical standards for the "100 cities, 1000 screens" ultra-high-definition video and audio transmission system, and took the lead in launching the first batch of 8K "100 cities, 1000 screens" construction projects in Beijing.

In May this year, BOE announced that it had independently developed a new generation of glass-based active P0.9 Mini LED (sub-millimeter light-emitting diode) displays. The panel has the characteristics of high peak brightness, strong contrast, low power consumption, uniform brightness, healthy eye protection, etc., and can also be stitched in any size.

At the end of June this year, BOE stated that it has achieved mass production of Mini LED backlight/direct display products, and launched glass-based 75-inch 8K Mini LED, 34-inch glass-based Mini LED MNT, 0.9mm pixel pitch Mini LED display products, etc. Konka, AOC, and other downstream customers supply.

BOE has stated that BOE has a comprehensive layout in the MLED industry and can provide Mini / Micro LED products and solutions with different processes, types, and costs according to customer needs.

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