BOE: Supply Xpeng G9's first central control + entertainment system-level dual-screen

Xiaopeng's flagship model G9 was officially launched, using a dual screen composed of a super-sized central control screen and a co-pilot screen. In this regard, BOE said that it provides a system-level integrated display solution for Xiaopeng G9 with a nearly 30-inch high-definition central control screen + co-driver entertainment screen.

According to BOE, the dual 14.96-inch ultra-large high-definition conjoined smart screens have an ultra-high resolution, ultra-high color gamut, and ultra-low reflectivity of less than 3%. At the same time, the touch-screen entertainment screen equipped with the co-driver can also realize the anti-peep display on the left and right, allowing the driver to isolate interference during driving and ensure driving safety.

In terms of design, BOE adopts backlight integrated die-casting technology and two-in-one board integration technology to make the overall vehicle display products lighter and thinner. In terms of system, the application has MCU (micro control unit chip) software, which can automatically adjust the brightness of the display screen and diagnose system-level technical applications such as vehicle display functions.

BOE said that it has launched flexible AMOLED, flexible multi-screen, and curved displays in several automotive display segments such as automotive instrumentation, central control assembly, entertainment system display, head-up display, and rearview mirror. , full-fit display, BD Cell, Mini LED, super-large display and other technical products, and are fully applied to global mainstream car brands.

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