ByteDance VR all-in-one Pico 4 will release tonight

A few days ago, Pico, the VR brand of ByteDance, held a global conference and released the Pico 4 VR headset. The starting price in Europe is 429 euros (about 2985.84 yuan). The national version of this headset will be officially released at 19:30 tonight.

The appearance of the PICO 4 uses a black mirror and a contrasting color matching of the gray and white body. In terms of hardware configuration, the PICO 4 series is innovatively equipped with the Pancake folding optical path design, and the weight without straps and batteries is only 295g ; it adopts a front and rear balance design scheme, and is matched with skin-friendly facial foam; adopts the new HyperSense vibration The handle is designed with a star ring arc column and is equipped with a broadband linear motor.

The PICO 4 is equipped with a 4K+ level super-view screen with a PPI (pixel density) of 1200 and a refresh rate of 90Hz; two storage versions are available: the 128GB version is priced at 429 euros, and the 256GB version is priced at 499 euros EUR. Officials say it provides about three hours of use on a single charge, and like previous Pico headsets, the battery is built into the back strap for balance.

The official said that in addition to the iterative upgrade of hardware, PICO also officially announced a series of application masterpieces and VR content at the global conference, including the launch of the VR fitness application "Lamy Fight", the linkage of Discovery Channel and top explorer Ed Stafford. Launched VR adventure programs, etc.

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