China Mobile's Super SIM card number marking function is open for testing

According to the official information released by China Mobile, the super SIM card number marking function has now opened an internal test. Official information shows that with the super SIM card number tagging function, users can easily block harassing calls by simply tagging. 

Specifically, after the super SIM card number marking function is activated, users can quickly mark them when they receive harassing calls. If multiple people mark the same harassing call, China Mobile will focus on research and judgment. Users can also enter the query page of personal participation marking information to inquire and check the number of participations, the disposal of marked numbers, etc.

It should be noted that the users participating in the internal test must be super SIM card users and have activated high-frequency services, and the version of the super SIM card needs to be above 3.0 (excluding 3.0). In addition, this function currently supports OPPO, Vivo, Xiaomi, and other models, and more models will be supported in the future.

The "China Mobile New Generation Super SIM Chip Technology White Paper" released in June this year also clarified the relevant business functions and technical characteristics of the new generation of super SIM cards. The user space of the new generation super SIM card chip is upgraded to 2MB, supports an online upgrade function, and the CPU frequency is increased by 50%.

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