DXOMARK CEO responded that Xiaomi and other manufacturers will no longer send tests

After the release of this year's Xiaomi 12S series, Xiaomi founder, chairman, and CEO Lei Jun made it clear that this time they had an accident on DxOMark. Subsequently, DXOMARK purchased the Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra for evaluation, and the test results were released at the end of last month.

Today, Frédéric Guichard, CEO of DXOMARK, accepted an interview with Jiemian News and said, "I did not specifically respond to Xiaomi, but just wanted to answer consumer questions on social networks. "

As for Xiaomi and other manufacturers who have chosen not to send DXOMARK for testing this year, Frederic Guichar said, "It is not that fewer and fewer manufacturers do not use our test scores, but fewer and fewer mobile phone test scores can rank first. One ", and only the first place has promotional significance.

In addition, Frederic Guichar talked about the revenue share of DXOMARK, and the revenue share of evaluation reports and testing tools/labs is roughly two-thirds and one-third.

On August 25, DXOMARK released a video in which DXOMARK CEO Frederic Guichar responded to industry rumors that " we do not sell points nor lists ", and the business model is to sell laboratories and technologies According to the report, the published scores depend only on the quality of the product itself, and are not affected by whether the manufacturer chooses the evaluation service.

However, Shen Yiren, the former vice president of OPPO, commented on DXOMARK's response, saying that " it is true that the score and the list are not for sale. But selling 'service', according to the feedback debugging, the score is high, and the list is also high. "

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