FSP Hydro G Pro 1000W power supply is on the shelves

The FSP Hydro G Pro power supply supports the Intel ATX3.0 specification and can withstand instantaneous peak power consumption (2000W) equivalent to twice the power rating of the power supply. The power supply comes standard with PCIe5.0 power supply interface and matching 12Pin+4Pin cable, and retains the 8Pin graphics interface of the previous generation, which is backward compatible.

The FSP Hydro G Pro power supply has passed the 80Plus Gold certification, which greatly reduces the heat generated by the components. At the same time, the power supply adopts a full-module design, and the black flat wire helps to reduce the space occupied by the wiring and optimize the heat dissipation of the chassis.

The FSP Hydro G Pro power supply has a built-in 120mm intelligent temperature-controlled fan. On the premise that the ECO switch is turned on when the power supply load is below 30%, the fan will be adjusted to not move.

The size of the FSP Hydro G Pro ATX power supply is 150mm long, 150mm wide, and 86mm high, and has 8 module lines. At the same time, the FSP Hydro G Pro power supply adopts Japanese solid-state and filter capacitors, which not only prolong the service life but also improve the power efficiency and stability.

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