GALAXY RTX 4090|4080 Xingyao/Metal Master graphics card released

GALAXY released GeForce RTX  4090 / RTX 4080 16GB / RTX 4080 12GB Xingyao, Metal Master series graphics cards, the cooling system has been fully upgraded, and new design elements have been adopted.


According to reports, the shape of the new generation of Xingyao series is flatter than the previous generation, regardless of the edge of the bottom surface, which is convenient for players to spray, disassemble and assemble. The front and right sides of the graphics card and the white part other than the top LOGO light are all connected by edging, which greatly increases the area that can provide free inkjet and graffiti, and makes the customized pattern more three-dimensional, providing players' imagination and creativity. More room to play.

The new Xingyao series adopts Xingzhuo Ⅲ new generation radiator, equipped with 3 102mm super large fans, supports intelligent start and stop, and automatically stops rotating during leisure to reduce noise and power consumption; the back panel is hollowed out in a large area to strengthen heat dissipation, and high-efficiency composite heat pipes Combined with the vapor chamber and large-area cooling fins, an integrated powerful cooling system is created.

Each fan includes 11 translucent tri-fold static frost fan blades, which can enhance the heat dissipation efficiency while projecting dazzling aurora dazzling lighting effects; the crystal shells on the edges of the three fans are all with raised lace, which can further reflect the light and enhance the ARGB. Ambiance.

The LOGO light on the top of Xingyao has also been fully upgraded, with a new multi-layer refraction mirror design, which can create up to 8 layers of ARGB lighting effects through special processes, and has its own power indicator function. When the power supply is abnormal, the LOGO light on the top will flash red, and you need to troubleshoot. If the power supply is normal, the red light will not flash.

Xingyao's custom cooling bracket is newly unveiled. As an integral part, it can firmly support the graphics card body shape through simple control and supports ARGB lighting synchronization.

Metal master

The GALAXY GeForce RTX  40 series metal master series has ushered in a new upgrade. The metal style and mechanical armor design are the same elements of the series, and this time, he has made a new breakthrough.

The all-aluminum die-cast top cover and streamlined geometric lines outline the domineering appearance of an icy beast as if it can turn into a galactic warship galloping in the future at any time. Its new-generation Hanguangxing cooling system is equipped with 3 102mm special-shaped fans and 11 three-fold fan blades, which can increase the air intake and further reduce noise, and also support intelligent start and stop; the all-metal reinforced back plate is hollowed out in a large area, in order to reduce noise. Reduce the weight of the tail and take into account the best cooling air ducts, making it enough to handle the huge heat during operation.

The concept of "no light is better than light" has been further implemented in the new generation of metal masters. The bright silver coloring is integrated with its excellent cooling system, and can reflect the lights of other hardware in the room or inside the chassis, pursuing the purest metal texture And heat dissipation and energy efficiency, "Mental is Master", the GALAXY Metal Master series will give players a practical experience of creating future machinery.

In addition to the OC version, all series models of GALAXY GeForce RTX 4090 / RTX 4080 16GB / RTX 4080 12GB Xingyao and Metal Master will also have non-OC versions, so stay tuned. GALAXY NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090/4080 Xing Yao / Metal Master series has been officially released, some models will be launched soon.

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